Welcome to first-time visitors

particularly those coming from Fran’s great site!  She’s just about the nicest person on the entire Internet, from what I can tell.

You can find out more about me and this blog in the aptly-titled section, About me.  Thanks for dropping by, and don’t be a stranger!

5 Responses to “Welcome to first-time visitors”

  1. FranIAm Says:

    Nicest person on the internet? Oh dear, I am not sure that all would agree! Starting with me.

    I am just another pilgrim on the path; once convinced that we gain more by building bridges than blowing them up.

    Also, I am very concerned about the levels of polarity and vitriol in our country. Not all folks who are more conservative are evil, not all folks who are liberal are terrible. Belief in God is optional, although it has changed my life profoundly. Everyone has to find their own path.

    Let’s try to do that together, ok?

  2. Diane Says:

    I like Fran too, and I met her, so I know she’s nice, despite what she says. My husband met he and he thinks she’s nice too. her secret is out!
    I like your blog, Tom. I’ll be back!

  3. FranIAm Says:

    I suppose there is no reasonable way for me to accuse a Lutheran pastor and her husband of lying… OK, I give up! Tom you should check out Diane’s blog.

    But trust me, I do indeed have my detractors.

  4. Tom Ryberg Says:

    You really can’t take any decent position and not have detractors, IMHO. Thank God this is a democracy where debate is integral to our way of life, rather than some system of totalitarianism (hey religious extremists of all stripes: I’m talking to you!).

  5. littlebangtheory Says:

    Birds of a Feather. Tom, Diane, Fran.

    And with a little luck and a lot of elbow grease, I’ll grow some feathers, too 🙂

    And yeah D, ain’t she sweet? She’s even nice to Godless atheists!!!

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