Another reason to legalize same-sex marriage

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the man suspected of masterminding the attacks of 9/11, doesn’t want an American attorney, because in his mind, the US supports same-sex marriage.

”I will not accept anybody, even if he is Muslim, if he swears to the American Constitution,” he said, vowing to follow Islamic shariya and scorning the U.S. Constitution “because it allows for same sexual marriage.”

Clearly, it is our patriotic duty to insist that American gays and lesbians be allowed to marry.  I can see the slogans already: “Piss off a terrorist: support gay marriage!”

4 Responses to “Another reason to legalize same-sex marriage”

  1. FranIAm Says:

    Oh you are onto something here, aren’t you!!!

    You would think if it offends the 9/11 terrorists, the US would be all over it.

    It is not democracy that will change the world… No it will be same sex marriage!

    Great to see you posting dear Tom.

  2. David Reese Says:

    If I don’t marry a man, the terrorists win!

  3. Elder Hoss Says:

    Whether terrorists are for or against a particular issue may be an interesting question for discussion, but hardly a justification for or against a particular practice. Terrorists allegedly are quite zealous to provide for their posterity after they have gone to their reward with “Allah”. Ought we therefore jettison living wills and blow their inheritance at Mohegan Sun before offing ourselves and entering into eternity?

    A quick diagnostic here, if I could: Is the Canon of Scripture a wax-nose, to be molded in accordance with whatever practice I, the autonomous, subjective self, deem warranted?

    I thought this was the cardinal sin of the last-days wackos who wrote “Left Behind” and other right-wing ideaologues injecting themselves into political campaigns, but I guess not….

    If so, why don’t we do the epistemologically honest thing and simply jettison any profession of faith in the so-called “Trinity”, or “divine-human Person, Jesus” or “Scripture’s Inspiringness” since in principle, we have already done so?

    Is it because many seminarians did not have the intellectual rigor or self-discipline to become say Attorneys or Physicians, that instead they use the orbit of Christianity broadly conceived to push their own subjective ideologies and settle down in a nice “career” as “pastors”?

    Me thinks the proponents of “gay marriage” doth protest too much!

  4. Jan Says:

    Never thought I’d ask a terrorist to support a position. . . .but that’s a good point. Live into the image. . . .

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