"That one" double-standard

Just imagine if Barack Obama had referred to John McCain as “that one”.  What would the response have been, on TV, here and elsewhere?  They would have made another “Obama…Disrespectful” commercial.

From where I sit, the fact that there’s any wiggle-room here for people to argue that McCain didn’t mean that is a function of white privilege.  If Barack Obama had said it in reference to his distinguished colleague, he would’ve been drawn and quartered.

I have no idea what McCain meant here, but it’s definitely weird.  He’s not helping himself combat the “racially tinged” meme with crap like this.

3 Responses to “"That one" double-standard”

  1. Abdifatah Says:

    I don’t know either what the intent of McCain was when he said ‘that one’ in reference to Sen. Obama. But one thing is clear, it is not the first time that McCain spoke condescedingly to Obama. Remember that last debate when McCain kept on saying that Obama didn’t understand or that he was naive to understand certain issues? It makes me beleive that the stereotype against McCain as a person who is angry and treat ‘the otherness’ of others.
    These also brings out Obama as a cool and calm individual who doesn’t feel looked down upon when it was even clear to everyone else.

  2. Roach Says:

    Your hypersensitivity to this is remarkable. You’re like one of those dogs that can hear the dog whistle the rest of us can’t.

    Maybe he just hates Obama and thinks he’s a haughty guy getting a free ride. Whites can hate black people without hating all black people, no?

  3. Tom Ryberg Says:

    Roach, there is a clear double-standard here. Sen. Obama has never referred to John McCain similarly. Bottom line, he’d never get away with it. What do you attribute this to?

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