Schedule break-in

Our church has a big sign out front that says “COME AS YOU ARE”. Today, this guy came in as he was, which necessitated changing my plans for the afternoon: from office organizing to serving my neighbor. My office was messier than I wanted when I left for the day, but I just saw the sign on my way out, and I’m kinda grateful that we can, in fact, come as we are to this place, messiness and all.


2 Responses to “Schedule break-in”

  1. Greg the explorer Says:

    Tom…come as you are is how I expect people would be treated in church and on christian blogs. You weren’t treated like that at our blog and I apologise for the way you encountered some of my fellow signposters.

    • Tom Ryberg Says:

      I appreciate the sentiment, Greg. I dunno, maybe I ducked out too early. The negative judgement was bothering me yesterday, and as I was also putting the finishing touches on our 9/11 services today, it was hard for me to be in a good spirit to attend to both. That does look like quite a blog, and I do appreciate challenge and dissent, but it didn’t come at a great time for me in the week, I suppose.

      Anyway, best to you. Thanks for reaching out.
      In peace,

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