Rev. Otis Moss III

Rev. Otis Moss

[UPDATE: If you haven’t seen Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s comments in their original context, follow this link.]

Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III is the senior pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ, having recently transitioned into senior leadership following thirty years with Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright. Trinity UCC is a vibrant, black church on the south side of Chicago, now famous for being Barack Obama’s home church. I heard about Rev. Moss through reputation, as he did some doctoral work at CTS before I arrived.

On YouTube, I stumbled upon a video of him speaking last year at the Day of Outrage, which called for an end to the use of racist and sexist terms in commodified hip-hop. Rev. Moss is quite the orator (the kind who makes me wonder why I’m even in this business in the first place). Go check him out.