Waiting on Rev. Warren…

I’m coming to this late, but my friend and fellow CTS seminarian Adam Yates took Rev. Rick Warren to task for his silence on the Ugandan parliament’s proposed legislation to make homosexuality a capital offense.  It’s a good read:

…So Rev. Warren, which will it be? Will you be either cold or hot and renounce your tepidity? A person cannot be a Christian and a coward; the conviction of our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to speak out and stand by our beliefs even when there are consequences for doing so. As Christians, we cannot stand by and keep silence while great evil is underfoot.

Rev. Warren, who has considerable influence with the backers of the “kill gay people” legislation, has finally felt compelled to break his silence, and to his credit, he unequivocally condemns the proposed legislation as “unchristian.”  Whaddya say, Adam, did Rev. Warren end up hot or cold?


3 Responses to “Waiting on Rev. Warren…”

  1. Fran Says:

    Did you see this? Interesting if – not sure of its accuracy. I do read the newsletter frequently, it tilts to the left but I do find most of what is written there good.

  2. littlebangtheory Says:

    A Boston-based black African preacher (sorry, I was driving when I heard him on NPR, so no writing down of details) attended many of the political meetings where The Family, represented by American “evangelicals” and right-wing American politicians, spoke powerfully to pump up the hate, assuring the Ugandan politicians that Gays had already taken over the Western world and had now set their sights on Africa, with the express intention of indoctrinating Ugandan children into becoming gay.

    I believe that the wide-eyed denials of Rick Warren and others of any culpability are flat-out lies, as “Rev.” Warren’s hate-filled book on the horrors of the Gay Plague was prominently displayed on the desks of every Ugandan politician to whom the Boston preacher spoke.

  3. MsKathleen Says:

    Miracles can happen. Anyone who support such a hateful measure is not a Christian at heart.

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